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The plantation is located in the middle of a pine forest


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Doi Tung

A village right on the border with Myanmar. Doi Tung in the Maesalong area is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Chiang Rai. Once a retreat for the royal family, it is now a nature reserve and tourist destination.

The Yod family from Doi Tung

Mister Yod is the head of the village. He is not impressed by his age, which is only 40, but with an extraordinary obsession to bring the village forward through ecological tourism and the sale of specialty coffee.

"Together we can go much further than alone, be it with the village community or with the cooperation of nature"

8 families, one goal

The entire village community works towards one goal of making the best coffee in the world. This in harmony with nature and the help and infinite willingness to do long and rigorous work days.

Pine forest

The area was once abused by the cultivation of opium. This was forced to change by a royal project 30 years ago and the deforested regions were reforested by a pine forest.

This special combination of shade, pine needles and the perfect location at 1530m above sea level give the beans their perfect aromas.

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