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Hoe Mhak Plantage (79).jpg

The plantation is located in the middle of a pine forest

Huay Mhak

A village in the middle of the Thai jungle. Thanks to a royal project, the jungle was spared deforestation. The farmers were suggested to grow coffee to use the shade of the ancient trees.

The Tanjapong family

Mister Tanjapong does not live in Huay Mhak, but he is the agent for this coffee community. Mister Tanjapong brought the idea to the people of Huay Mhak and promoted the project.

15 families, one goal

The entire village community works towards one goal of making the best coffee in the world. This in harmony with nature and the help and infinite willingness to do long and rigorous work days.


This pristine forest not only conveys a warm and cozy feeling during visits, but also promotes the feel-good effect of the coffee. Thanks to the original soil, good coffee grows here.

Hoe Mhak Plantage (19).JPG
Hoe Mhak Plantage (24).JPG
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