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We would like to give you an overview of our projects and their tasks. Thanks to our own label, we already have a lot of control over many routes. We are still dependent on others and try to choose these partners as carefully as possible. Humanity, fairness and ecology are big points that we pay attention to .


Rüegg 's GmbH

The company Rüegg's GmbH was founded in 2015. At the beginning we were active in a technical branch, some of which we still serve today. In 2017 the purpose of the GmbH was changed to coffee and tea trade. Since then we have already been able to win and satisfy a number of customers. We have also made some useful progress and are optimistic about the future.


Rüegg's fair food

The name Rüegg's Fairfood is used in all ecological and fair trade campaigns. This allows us to make a certain cut between human and economic actions. When dealing with local farmers, it is important to have a certain social thinking, but when selling coffee products, we should think in a profit-oriented manner.

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Association orphanages Thailand and Asia

We founded the association to handle charitable purposes. With this association we actively support the population in the Asian region. Our support goes to the children and young people to enable them a successful future. In the hope of bringing the education gained after graduation to urban areas.

Akha Coffee
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